About the African Collection

For four months over the summer of 2012 I travelled on an overland truck across Africa. On this website I present a selection of photographs I took of Animals and People on this trip.

We started in Rwanda, spending a few days trekking on foot with silverback mountain gorillas. We then travelled down Tanzania, through the plains of the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro crater (where a pride of lions decided to investigate my tent overnight) before crossing the sea to the sunny island of Zanzibar.

From Zanzibar we drove down to Malawi and spent time scuba diving at altitude in the fresh waters of lake Malawi. We then progressed onto Zimbabwe and, after enjoying some of Zambia along the way, passed several nights aboard a boat on Lake Kariba.

Once back ashore we drove down to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and trekked on foot with the magnificent rhinos at Motopos National Park.

From Bulawayo our next stop was Victoria Falls, a touristy town which proved to be an opportune moment for me to get rather unwell, spending some time in hospital, before white water rafting the Zambezi and continuing our journey. From this point on, for the remaining weeks of our trip, I ditched my tent in favour of a hammock and mosquito net under the stars.

We progressed into Botswana and travelled into the Okovango Delta on traditional makoros. From Botswana we travelled into Namibia and, after spending a night sleeping on top of the largest meteorite found on earth (photographed above), we progressed to Etosha National Park. Here I spent several nights taking long-exposure photographs of animals at the watering holes at night.

We then went to Swakopmund and indulged in some touristy activites such as sand boarding, skydiving and quadbiking on the sand dunes. From Sawkopmund we travelled to the sand dunes of Soussuvlei and climbed the 200m high Dune 45 for sunrise.

We then travelled down into South Africa after visiting Fish River Canyon and Orange River. We sampled several wines around Stellenbosch before departing the truck in Cape Town.

From Capetown I spent a few weeks independently travelling the Garden Route, enjoying some time surfing and cage diving with great white sharks (in disconcertingly close locations).